Please read carefully

You are about to experience an interaction with an artificial intelligence. While the chatbot conversation is guided, the content produced by image analysis as well as the literary content produced for the stories by GPT2 is not controlled or scripted by humans. Furthermore, I have no control of what it produces and, although I have trained it with secular, non-racist, non-homophobic, non-sexist, respectful texts, it has occasionally generated hateful speech, fake news, and texts of offensive or pornographic character.

By proceeding, you declare that you are 18 years or older, and that you are fully informed of possible negative outcomes.

By interacting with Simon, you agree that your name, geo-location and email will be stored unencrypted on servers located in Switzerland.

You are encouraged to use a nickname.

By uploading an image on Simon's interface, you agree that a story will be generated by GTP2, that your name will be your story’s title and your latitude and longitude (or IP address, if you do not authorise geolocation) the subtitle and, therefore, will be printed in the book.

By generating a story, you declare being fully aware that the book resulting from a collection of 50 stories from different users can be bought by any of the other 49 users who contributed to the same volume.

Please note that book printing is handled by Lulu Press Inc., who will receive the book in PDF format. Regardless if you purchase a copy, any book order from any other user in the same volume will send the document to Lulu Press.

Payment processing is carried out by PayPal and no information is stored or accessed by meta stories. Please note that shipping information is sent to Lulu Press Inc. and is never stored on meta stories' server.

By uploading photos, you consent to the fact that they will be sent to Clarifai for analysis and that labels emanating from that analysis will be found in your story. Furthermore, you consent to your conversation with Simon being powered by Botpress, hosted on DigitalOcean.

All of the aforementioned underlying services and data storage are nothing compared to the amount of information that is obtained, stored, manipulated and shared by everyday apps, websites and services. Browsers have access to a user’s current location and language choice, they can ask for camera and microphone access. Apps possess full access to the entirety of data collected by a smartphone, from image meta-data, to browsing history, to health information, contacts, calendars, etc.

Should you wish to have your story and data removed from meta stories' server, please send me an email at

Please note that I cannot erase the information from third party services.